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2000-05-23 ... 12:24:13

It's all dark here! Kind of restful, really. I came in this morning and all the lights were out. I have a window, and a desk lamp, so I can still work, but it's so fun to walk around and use the copy machine in the dark. I just saw a bunch of building guys walking around with ladders, though, so presumably it will be fixed soon. Damn.

Yesterday I was just pissed off all day. We can't have a phone in the new place until June 5, they won't turn on the gas until May 30, and the first possible appointment to get cable installed is June 7. I'll survive and all, but I just find it hard to believe that absolutely no one can come out here earlier than that. And the phone doesn't even require any human being to come to my house! So what takes so long? Ah well. Hello million-dollar cell phone bill, I guess.

After all the being pissed off, I recovered by going to Delilah's with Kat, where we drank beer and made fun of people's bad tattoos. Quietly, behind their backs, in the most chickenshit way possible, of course. I was not looking to start fights with aging punk rockers. When I got home LT was busy prank calling the NRA. He was watching TV and there was an 800 number on one of their infomercials. I gleefully joined in. When someone would answer we would yell "SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!" or "GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF ME, YOU GODDAMN DIRTY APES!" or other Charlton Heston-related phrases. It was hysterical. Well, to us, anyway.

Lights are back on. Ahhhh! My eyes!

---mimi smartypants


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