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2001-05-16 ... 11:26 a.m.

Psychics and mattress stores. Chicago seems to have an extremely high concentration of psychics and mattress stores. There is one on every block, I swear. How can the local economy possibly support all of these psychics and mattress stores? Is there a microeconomist in the house?

Because of LT's PhD thesis, which is on kind of an obscure topic (he would probably disagree with me, but then again PhD candidates don't always live in the real world when it comes to their topics), we are acquainted with a wide variety of people who are experts on obscure topics. For some reason it makes me laugh to say things like, "Is there a Professor of Aramaic in the house?" or "Is there a mycologist in the house?" and realize that on some occasions, there actually is.

That was an awfully long and unnecessary paragraph to explain what's essentially a private joke in my head. Then again, I'll decide what's necessary or unnecessary in this web space, thank you very much. Oh, are you still here? Hi. proposes to collect all the monkey-related stories in the news and wire services and send them to you in a tidy little e-mail. A must if you are a fan of monkey-related e-mail. I'm not, really, but I just loved the IDEA of it so much that I had to sign up.

Much more up my proverbial alley (I don't really have an alley) is Ad*Access, a database of print advertising from the 1900s on, all broken up into categories such as Beauty and Health, Automotive, and so on. I could spend all day here.

But I shall not, as duty calls. Or phones. Or sends an e-mail. Or stops by with a fake smile, an armload of papers, and that ever-so-deceptive question, "Do you have a minute?" Anyway, duty contacts me in some fashion. You can do it, too, using the link on the right.

----ms. mimi smartypants


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