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2000-05-16 ... 14:23:47

I have to switch cable companies for the big move. I lived for a long long time without cable, but I finally broke down about 2 years ago, and now I just can't go back. I have an Animal Planet addiction. The weird thing is that Chicago cable is all broken up into these little sections of monopolies, you can't just pick what company you want. And even weirder, when I called to switch the service, the new cable company claims that your TV must be within 25 feet of a phone jack, because for some reason the cable needs to go into the phone as well as into the cable outlet thingy on the wall. Huh? I am very suspicious of this.

I also called the phone company, and our new phone number has lots of 1s and thus does not spell anything. Grrrr.

Now I just want to CLOSE ON MY HOUSE (gosh, I love saying that) and be done with it.

Last night I was all cranky after work, so LT took me out to our neighborhood Mexican. Nothing like a Tecate and a chimichanga to cheer me up.

Right now it's sunny and cloudy at the same time. Apocalypse!

---m-m-m-mimi s-s-s-smartypants


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