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2001-05-10 ... 1:55 p.m.

If I were writing a science fiction or fantasy novel (which I would never do), I would be very tempted to use only the names of prescription drugs for all the proper nouns. "Once upon a time on the Planet Xanax, near the great Demerol Forest and the river Wellbutrin, King Haldol sat brooding in Castle Vicodin." And so on.

I came in very late to work yesterday. I had a terrible time getting back from Washington DC, the planes were all stacked up due to some mysterious "bad weather" in Chicago (um, didn't it rain for like 5 minutes?) and we circled forever. Circled forever with my loquacious seatmate jabbering in my ear, of course, about rodeos and reptiles and the superiority of Texas over anyplace else in the world and smokers' rights. Literally turning away did not shut him up, pretending to sleep did not shut him up, writing in my notebook did not shut him up, and burying my nose in my book did not shut him up. I regretted not bringing the disc player, at least then I could have drowned him out. Good god.

Minor celebrity sighting at Dulles airport, however: Spaulding Gray, headed to his gate. I bet he's real fun to fly with. Neurotic much?

Today someone I work with brought in her son, who's aged 3 or 4 or somewhere in there. In the elevator, he noticed my Powerpuff Girls coffee mug (digression: Could there be a bigger hint that it's mostly adult women who are into the Powerpuff Girls? I don't notice too many children running around with hot beverages in travel mugs), and excitedly yelled, "Powerpuff!" Making conversation, I said, "Powerpuff Girls are cool. Who’s your favorite?" "Bubbles is my favorite," he said. I told him that Buttercup was my favorite. He just gave me a strange look and firmly repeated, "Bubbles is my favorite."

Apparently (in this kid's opinion), I have the wrong favorite Powerpuff Girl. Who knew.

---mimi "always wrong" smartypants


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