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2000-05-05 ... 09:39:00

I have been without e-mail for 2 days. It's completely heinous, especially at work. Every time you want to communicate some crappy little nugget (Crappy Nugget! Free Inside Every Package!) of information, you have to send voice mail to a bunch of different people, and they send voice mail back to you, and you waste half your life listening to the message etc, and it's just horrible. Or worse, they actually call you instead of sending voice mail and then you waste the other half of your life TALKING to someone. Ick ick ick.

I've been a Faxing Fiend today. I faxed our condo's inspection report to the lawyer. I faxed a signed copy of a rider to our contract to the realtor. I faxed some other financial-type stuff to the mortgage broker. Nothing, not even working in publishing (see complaint above), can be more communication-intensive than buying a house. Nothing.

Last night I worked until 7 pm...if my day gets wasted with meetings etc, then I have to make up the time somewhere to do actual work. Let's hear it for freaking 12-hour workdays. (No big deal, probably, to you Internet-workin' folks, but it's new to me and I hate it.) I came home kind of depleted and LT suggested we go to this new Italian bistro-type place near us...2 glasses of wine and a plate of gnocchi later I was a much happier person.

Then I had to pack, because I'm leaving for the wild wild West, specifically San Antonio, at around 3 pm today. I only forgot 2 things: the camera and toothpaste. I guess a trip to Walgreen's is in my lunchtime future. Still, only forgetting 2 things is some kind of miracle for me.

Why do I have no amusing stories? Why oh why? I will try to gather some in Texas. Later.

---mimi smartypants


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