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2000-05-02 ... 11:59:42

OK, sometimes I'm all like "uhh, nothing's going on but I'll update anyway" but now something legitimately is going on.

(1) We bought a house. A condo, specifically. It's on a quiet little street in between an Indian/Pakistani neighborhood and a Chasidim neighborhood. We went out looking on Saturday, with no intention of actually signing any contracts, just to see what our $ would buy us. Saw 4 total dumps, 2 nice places that we would have to really stretch to afford, and this place. I think it's a steal for the price (of course I would think that, having just plunked down earnest $ and all), 1800 square feet, 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors, new appliances, a complete gut rehab in a 1920s six-flat. No one's lived in it yet. Comes with a garage and has these really charming antique radiator covers. (Radiators means no central air, but eh. I like radiators.) It's a little farther from the train, but then again nothing is as close to the train as our current apartment, where the El runs up the alley and I can wave to it from my dining room window.

So that's our story. Our offer has been accepted and tomorrow we meet with the mortgage broker, Thursday it gets inspected. Nerve wracking, all this depending on others to get stuff done. But I am mega excited.

(2) I don't know why I started this stupid numbered list. But I had a great dream the other night that LT and I went to see a movie about George Bernard Shaw, titled "Shaw!" We were about a half hour late, and LT wanted to go in anyway, and I didn't, and we argued about it, and I grabbed a coconut macaroon from a nearby cart and smashed it into his chest, yelling "Your behavior is bizarre and inappropriate!" in the middle of the movie theater lobby. I apologize, I know I ranted earlier about not caring about diarist's dreams, but I thought that one was amusing and I really wanted to write it down.

(3) Run, don't walk, to your nearest soulless megastore (well, the littler places will have it too, but I really like typing the phrase "soulless megastore") and pick up All Hands on the Bad One, the new Sleater-Kinney album. I love it.

(4) LT and I were thinking that we don't have enough irrational prejudices. So we decided to hate the Belgians. Oooh, Belgians! They suck! In a weird coincidence, I managed to piss off a Belgian just yesterday, because I had to cut some lines out of her article to make it fit the journal. Yee haw!

(5) That's enough. Is that enough? Yes, I think it is.

---m. smartypants


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