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2002-04-23 ... 7:27 p.m.

My goodness I am manic. And the Weather Word today is HOPEFUL. And it's no use to even try and shut me up, because my brain is faster than than yours. I have a BIG CRAZY BRAIN.

Ahem. Speaking of big crazy brains---although I did briefly try an antidepressant, years ago, to help me with little things like leaving my room and not devising elaborate Kabbalistic OCD numerology schemes to govern every aspect of my existence, I've never really messed around with therapy. I am kind of leery of the whole thing, although sometimes the idea of discussing my foibles with a really smart person who will call me on my bullshit and keep his/her mouth absolutely 100% shut sounds kind of appealing. How do you try out therapists, anyway, if you're not in crisis mode? Do you meet for lunch or something?

IRRELEVANT ANECDOTE: The psychiatrist I saw in conjunction with the crazy medicine was huge. She was easily the largest human being I have ever seen who was not live via satellite because of being too large to leave the house. She also used to wear these amazingly bright suits in neon colors, with pumps to match. They matched EXACTLY. So here's me, all insane in the brain and spaced-out from medication, trying to follow the thread of this giant neon woman's obscure and medicalized conversation and all I can think about is: Where do you get size 12 neon-green pumps? Where oh where? It was surreal.

I am trying to get my violin overhauled, after not really touching it for several years, and all the instrument repair places I call are so flaky. They don't want to make appointments ("just come by and if we're not busy we'll take a look at it"), and they don't want to give me an estimate of what they will charge even though I pretty much know exactly what I need (new bridge, peg fitting and some peg dope, possibly a new soundpost, set of Infeld Red strings). (Click and learn, my darling: the link will escort you to a neat article about the different types of violin strings. Personally, I think gut is too expensive and finicky for everyday musical goofing around, but I don't want to go back to steel because they are too bright and hard to break in. Synthetic core is a nice in-between choice.)


Everyone knows this: when you ride in a fox hunt it is appropriate to yell "Tally ho!" a lot. But what the fuck, right? Where did it come from? Arabic? French? But even with the French we disagree. The OED claims tally ho is English, but they would do that, wouldn't they.


Okay, fine, I'll admit it. I kind of have a thing for Smoove B. I have no idea why this particular editorial makes me laugh so, but it does, so remember it's all due to my BIG CRAZY BRAIN and you shouldn't think any less of me.

---mimi smartypants likes it way, way too loud.


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