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2001-04-16 ... 2:45 p.m.

Sometimes you (yes, even you!) need a reminder not to take yourself quite so seriously. One of the methods I use to remember not to take myself so seriously is an incident from college. I had dropped a large amount of acid with friends, but at this particular moment I was in Introspective Mode, because I had decided I had Things to Figure Out. Anyway, there was an ice storm this night, and at the time I was in the downstairs window seat in our big old house enjoying the swirling snowstorm, and enjoying the layered effect of the cross-hatched chickenwire safety glass, the ice ferning on the window, and of course the patterns and colors from my brain. I noticed this pattern roaming around out there in the snowflakes, and I decided with typical drug-addled pretentiousness that this pattern is going to resolve into a hallucination that will Tell Me Something. So I waited and watched, and the pattern swirled and bulged and rippled and eventually resolved itself into Astro, the dog from the Jetsons.

Hee hee hee! So while I don't discount the validity of anyone else's Moment of Clarity, drug-induced or otherwise, make sure you take a second to reflect and ascertain that you are not simply being a pretentious dork. I consider that particular hallucination a sort of warning signal from my brain that things were getting a little too pompous and serious up there.

A book recommendation: Lying, by Lauren Slater. It's an overstuffed little book, about mental illness and epilepsy and the relationship between fiction and autobiography, and about truth in general. (Those subjects big enough for you?) The ending is a little weak but it's beautifully written and full of great stuff for your mind to chew on. Read slowly. And I have one non- (dis-? anti-?) recommendation: I did not like Kennel Cough by Scott Faingold. Curiously flat characters (and way too many of them), clunky writing with several copyediting mistakes (UNFORGIVABLE in a book....come on people, your production schedule is months long), and just in general a really really boring book about a small town punk rock scene. It's all so one-dimensional, kind of like Douglas Coupland without the humor and heart. (And I'm kind of lukewarm on Coupland, so that should tell you something.)

Are these entries with book recommendations annoying? Or do people actually care? I suspect the former.

Easter. What a boring holiday. Although my parents came over for breakfast and brought me colored hardboiled eggs, lots of chocolate, and some of my mom's homemade macaroni and cheese. So there's a lot of marvelously high-fat food in my house at the moment.

It was sunny a while ago but now the sky's like laundry.

---mimi smartypants


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