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2000-04-11 ... 08:50:29

Foggy here. Nice fog. Here little foggy!

I'm losing it.

Nothing happening. I was supposed to go to yoga last night but I felt kind of sickly so I went home and swallowed a boatload of echinacea. LT went to the laundromat and came home cranky and with a bag full of damp clothes. The machines were acting up again. That laundromat is convenient but it's not the most high-tech or best-maintained laundromat in the universe. There is a laundry room somewhere in our building but I'll be damned if I've been able to find it (multiple creepy basement locked doors) and with the laundromat right across the street it hasn't been worth it. So far. When the machines are working correctly.

So that's another thing to add to the condo-hunting list: Washer/dryer in unit. Yes, we've decided to start looking. The academic job hunt sucks eggs and LT thinks he would rather keep teaching part time at Notre Dame and doing the way lucrative consulting stuff on the side. I'm getting a raise at work. Plus we got hit with the big-ass taxes this year for still being cheesy renters. I think it's time.

What a headache, though. I spent half of my day yesterday just looking for real estate agents. I want to get at least 3 names so I can interview them and see who would best fit our needs. The question is, Who has TIME to take on these great big long-term projects, like buying a house? When exactly are you supposed to do all this research and stuff? I barely have time to do the dishes.

I should quit bitching so much. We only decided this past weekend to start looking and already I'm being obsessive about it! At least we're in no hurry to move.

I like ska. That's all for now.

---mimi smartypants


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