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2002-03-25 ... 9:24 a.m.

The Sun-Times Weather Word goes bilingual! Walking by the paper box by the bus stop, I notice the upper-left corner of the front page: CONGELADO ("frozen," in Spanish).

My professional association is disseminating false information about me. Well, not really, but in this month's newsletter there is a small write-up of my professional life (and wow, what an exciting read that is, let me tell you), because I'm the incoming chair of one of the executive committees for next year. Only there's a typo in the write-up and thus it claims that I have been a member of the professional association since 1988, not 1998. In 1988 I was in high school. Although I've always been the ambitious sort, I wasn't exactly joining professional editing associations in high school. I was more concerned with wearing as much black eye makeup as possible, obsessively reading the Romantic poets, trying to see how long I could go without speaking, and secretly dancing around my room in my underwear to the sounds of the Cure. (Hey, shut up. We all have our dork period to get through.) It is particularly funny that this write-up should come out today, because now I have lots of people dropping by my office to express their kudos for my newfound level of professional achievement, on a day when I am in serious Uncaring Mode (it being Monday) and am dressed somewhat less than professionally; ie, in thrift-store "I Am An Aging Punk Rocker Who Refuses To Face Reality" garb. Ah well.

Oh yes! The Gyros Project. I've always been interested in the artistic representation of cone-shaped meat. Kudos!

Fake Strokes interview. First it was fashionable to like the Strokes, then it was fashionable to hate the Strokes, and then it was fashionable to not have heard any of their music, but probably the very best course of action is simply to go on with our lives, don't you think?

It's hard not to be at least a tiny bit in love with Reverend Jen.

Some unsettling information about bear hibernation, and without a doubt more than you wanted to know about what's inside a bear's ass:

Another story, which has even been stated as fact in the scientific literature, is that bears eat roughage in the fall to scour the digestive tract and form a plug in the anus. The plug supposedly keeps the bear from eating anything more that fall. Actually, there is an anal plug of feces (along with some bear hairs and bits of nest material), but this forms mainly during, not before, hibernation. Bears continue to slowly make feces during hibernation, even though there is no food intake. Feces are composed not only of indigestible parts of food but also of cells that continually slough off the inside of the digestive tract. By spring, there is quite an accumulation of feces in the colon, and some bears defecate portions of this before emerging. In that case, the feces are deposited in or just outside the entrance to the den, rather than in the nest.

From this site about bear hibernation. Which, if I were clever, I would be linking in the late fall instead of now.

Frightening, disturbing thoughts will---nay, must---ensue.

Book collection organizing software. Hmmm. I think I prefer my organic system, also known as "oh yeah…I think the spine was green? And I last saw it in the dining room? Or did I drunkenly lend it to someone (YOU MUST READ THIS!)?"

Outside my window it is snowing/raining, in defiance of the Sun-Times' CONGELADO (frozen) pronouncement. I wish that CONGELADO meant "congealed." I suppose, obliquely, it sort of does. Have a congealed day, everyone.

---mimi smartypants, this heaven gives her migraine.


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