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2001-03-23 ... 03:46 p.m.

I just noticed that I am looking mighty pale today. Sort of a chalky pale. Perhaps this this is the first step toward Incredible Hulkification! Chalky pale is mighty close to green! I'll just get greener and greener and then the muscles will come. Oh happy day!

Another good referral: someone searched Yahoo for the phrase "basically I am a diseased beef moron" and found this page.

Because you know, basically I am a diseased beef moron.

Eons ago I signed up for an e-mail alert service from They promised not to send lots of mail, just occasionally ask you to write a letter to Congress about workers' rights and whatnot. Well, I can do that, I thought. I write letters to Congress all the freaking time. (I do, seriously. I'm probably on some FBI list of Dangerous Wackos or something.) So time goes by without any mail from, except for yesterday, when then send mail announcing that some factory workers in Samoa have been granted US visas, but they need a destination address for this to be legal, and they need plane tickets, so please respond by Monday if you can buy a ticket for a Samoan factory worker and put him/her up in your house for an unspecified length of time.

Um...can't I just write a letter to Congress? Way to go, Way to make me feel bad about my level of commitment to workers' rights.


What was that? I thought I heard a little voice say, "Stop typing and go have a beer."

---the obedient mimi smartypants


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