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2001-03-21 ... 02:56 p.m.

Tracking the stats can be very entertaining. Here's a small sampling of some innovative ways that people have come across me, Mimi Smartypants (all of these are search engine lookups):

Alan Greenspan naked

small penis photographs

chicken noises

pictures of smiling teeth

Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons

Most of those I understand, except for the fried chicken coupons. I don't recall discussing good deals on buckets of chicken parts in any entries. And just as an aside, somehow I find searching the web for Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons incredibly sad. This vast interlinked repository of knowledge, humor, opinions, and glimpses of people's lives also must contain Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons, I suppose.

I think the guy who cut my hair yesterday had a prejudice against glasses. Whenever he needed me to take them off during the washing, cutting, and blow-drying process, he would say things like "Take off those glasses." Not, "Take off your glasses." See the difference there? He also at one point asked, "Can you see without them?" referring to my glasses. Well, heck no I can't, that's why I'm wearing them. It was subtle, and I'm sure it sounds crazy and paranoid here, but he had a distinct contemptuous attitude toward my glasses for no apparent reason.

For the record, I think glasses are sexy. So there.

I hope you found your Kentucky Fried Chicken coupons, whoever you are.

----mimi extra-crispy smartypants


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