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2000-03-21 ... 13:51:02

I'm leaving for the dentist pretty soon. Yee haw! Actually I don't mind going to the dentist, because I have pretty good teeth (knock on wood) and I like knowing that, after a cleaning, my teeth are as clean as they are ever going to get. So proud of my clean clean teeth.

Since I'm leaving in just a scant half-hour, I think I'm going to ignore this big pile o' work someone just set down on my desk. Yes siree, that pile can wait.

I voted this morning...voted my darn fool head off. I love punching that card. Take that, democracy!

Although I always find it kind of appalling how antiquated the whole voter process seems. They look you up in this giant BOOK? Probably a good idea to have the book for backup, but shouldn't this be computerized by now? Some Chicago politician-types were last-minute campaigning outside the polling place (the requisite 500 feet away or whatever), and gave me some literature, the kind you're allowed to take in with you...and called me "sweetie" and "hon." Under other circumstances I'd be chagrined, but when it comes from seriously elderly men you just have to deal.

Old people get away with everything, don't they?

---the forever young mimi smartypants


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