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2000-03-20 ... 14:01:43

hello all. I'm a big dweebie. I'm supposed to go to the Empty Bottle to rock out at this show tonight, but it's a real late show and I have a wicked headache and I just don't know if it's going to happen. I absolutely cannot call in sick tomorrow, which would be another option (because who cares how late the show runs if I don't have to get up in the morning) because I have an important meeting and I have to get up earlier than normal to vote and then get my ass to work so I can leave early to go to the dentist. Isn't that special?

So maybe I will be lame and not go. I used to go out on weeknights all the time, but lately it's just been too much trouble and I need my sleep. Blah.

I saw the most bizarre toy the other day. It was a squishy WWF wrestler head. Like a bust, just the head and shoulders. And you squished it and they talked, the one I tried (I have no idea what wrestler it was supposed to be) said something garbled and then something about "join the Ministry of Darkness." How delightfully odd! I almost purchased the Squishy Wrestler Head, if only for the time capsule of weirdness for future generations, but Osco wanted $6.99 and that broke my 5-dollar rule (ie, any worthless piece of crap may be bought on impulse and without second thoughts if the value does not exceed $5). Ah well, maybe next time I will go hog wild and get a Squishy Wrestler Head of my very own.

---mimi smartypants


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