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2002-03-19 ... 12:51 p.m.

Today's Sun-Times Weather Word: DREARY.

Disturbing sights on public transit, coming one after the other like electroshock therapy: (a) Girl carrying strange 2-foot-tall golem or fetish of some kind, a plaster human figure wrapped completely in masking tape like a mummy. (b) Woman with a roach---a small roach, but definitely a roach---crawling up her back. It's 7:30 in the morning, I've just boarded the train after voting (I love to vote. Punch that ballot! Oh yeah! Take that, democracy!), and I see these things and wonder: when exactly did I join the cast of Naked Lunch?

Here is an interesting article on hypnosis. I myself am not very hypnotizable----a 4 on the Stanford scale. Which is mildly surprising, given my historical enjoyment of mind-altering drugs and my ability to remember (and, to some extent, control) my dreams. The Scientific American article doesn't offer much of an explanation as to what influences the degree of suggestibility, just that it may be hereditary.


Enough with the spooky.


[introduction] I have purchased the best pants in the world. They are from Nordstrom, and they cost more than I would usually spend for pants, but they fit perfectly (and remember, Iím a shrimp, so that is unusual for me) (note: I'm a shrimp in the metaphorical, not in the crustacean, sense), they are appropriate for both work and leisure, they are machine-washable, etc. I love these pants.

[dialogue bit numero uno]

"I love these pants," I told LT one night. "I need to go back to Nordstrom and get more of these pants, in other colors. And maybe even another black pair."

"Didnít you just buy those pants?" he asked me.

"Yes, but they fit so perfectly and are so practical. I can always use more pants."

"Those are all good reasons," LT said. "But I suspect you are just greedy for pants."

I'm going to get "GREEDY FOR PANTS" put on a t-shirt.

[introduction] From a book that I can't really recommend, although it seems like other people can:

[dialogue bit numero dos]

Paulie's father, who was never my husband, died years ago of a crystal-meth overdose. His sister Donna phoned me with the news and I told her, "That's too bad, Donna, I hope he went in peace."

"Well, again, it was crystal meth," she said.

Even though I have had a lot of meetings, which I normally hate, today has been pleasantly tolerable. (If a bit DREARY.) I think one of the secrets is to drink a lot of tea very early in the day. Waiting too long to "dose" just results in pointless jitters rather than productive energy. I started the tea-drinking this morning while messing around with my cheap-ass little blue plastic web cam: since it's meant for kids, the software that ships with it is extremely annoying (every single thing you click on makes a noise) and nonintuitive (or rather, overly intuitive in the way that only a child who doesn't really know how to use a computer would understand). I made a little movie of my muppetlike self making goofy faces near the camera, but that's all I've had time for thus far. Next step is to get some batteries and take this show on the road. Here I come!

We are losing clams. Fewer, ever fewer, clams in the world. I weep.

---mi(mi) sm(arty)PaNTs


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