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2000-03-15 ... 13:19:44

The interview yesterday practically didn't happen. Once HR got through with the candidate, the recruiter called me and said, "Only spend about 5 minutes with this guy...he's kind of a strange bird."

Boy, was she right. I know I'm new at this interviewing thing, but if you can't answer simple questions, look me in the eye, or come up with a compelling explanation for why you want to change careers and work for me, I don't think I'm going to consider hiring you. So never mind, I guess.

At least he dressed well.

This day has been awash (awash, I tell you!) with phone calls. My oldest friend, Steve (we dated briefly in HIGH SCHOOL when I was a freshman and he was a senior...miraculously, we've stayed friends ever since), called to say that his wife just had their 2nd baby. Another girl. I'm excited for them, but at the same time it seems inconceivable to me that someone I see once a week for lunch or drinks has a 2-child family. Some of my friends are buying property etc, I can handle that, but breeding? And not just 1 kid, but 2? That's like...I don't know.

I guess I have this weird perception that getting married is fine (hell, I did it), having one kid is sort of like, "Oh! A new adventure, hee hee!" but having 2 kids is serious. You are now completely a parent, just like your parents. Completely. No more fun and games. 2 kids=adulthood.

Then again, as I become an adult (supposedly), and start doing some of these "adult" things, my conception of what makes one an adult is constantly being revised.

I'm a freak.

My other phone call was from LT, who is applying for some weird Middle East consulting thing where they fly you to Puerto Rico and try and recruit for their firm. I know, I didn't understand it either.

Middle East plus consulting, however...he is pretty much perfectly qualified. I wouldn't mind someone giving him a job. It wouldn't quite be the perfect academic job on the perfect urban campus that we're looking for, but I'd take it nonetheless.

My second interviewee of the week should be here soon. Let's hope my freak quotient is all used up.

freak quotient,

---mimi smartypants


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