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2000-03-13 ... 15:07:52

I have to interview someone tomorrow. I'm scared. I don't know how to do this! Never mind that I'm sort of misanthropic in general. People, yuck! Talking to them! Asking them questions about their lives! Ick!

Being a department director would be easier if someone else would just staff my ranks with wonderful, talented, funny, smart people. Then I would be able to manage great.

Monday. It's dark gray outside. Last Friday I went out drinking after work and didn't get home until 2 am. Bad, bad, Mimi Smartypants. Even though I called on the cell phone, LT was still upset and worried when I got home. I don't really blame him as I've been the one sitting up waiting and it's not much fun. It seemed to have all blown over by morning, however.

I regretted my fun and games Saturday. I had a very odd hangover that sort of skipped all the physical symptoms (well, except for one or two pukey-feeling moments) and focused instead on mental anguish. I was just depressed and wanted to stay in bed. Alcohol is a depressant, I suppose, as we all learned in 8th-grade health class. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

I just noticed that the outside of my office windows are filthy. Do window washers not work anymore? Someone needs to get out there with a bucket and some scaffolding right now!

I like that word, "scaffolding." It sounds like some obscure and kinky sexual practice. Come to my dungeon, gentle readers. We offer B & D, whips, spanking, fetish wear, foot worship, and scaffolding.

---mistress mimi smartypants


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