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2002-03-10 ... 8:29 a.m.

You know how sometimes you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror or a reflected window and think, "Damn, I look good today?" No, me neither. Instead, I usually catch said glimpses and notice some weird mark on my face, or scared hunted look in my eyes, or the way the humidity has made my hair all wavy and large like a TV newsreader's. The other day I got a little freaked out because LT and I were both doing something at the bathroom sink, brushing or flossing or whatnot, and I suddenly looked up and saw the two of us in the mirror together. "Good lord," I said. "You're so pink and Iím so green." It's true. I never think of myself as being particularly Mediterranean-looking, but put me next to a pasty Irish boy like LT and the next thing you know I'm the color of olive oil.

Jeez louise. If you wanted to read about Gustav Mahler, there's a whole truckload of Mahler-related words on this site. Hope you didn't have any plans for the next hour or two.

The Rules of Rock and the Rules for Audiences of Rock. The audience one contains a snarky reference to makeoutclub. (By the way, I'm collecting snarky references to makeoutclub, so send those along if you find any more online.) Also I like #10, about not yelling out the name of the band's most-recognized song. During the Bauhaus reunion tour I was completely irritated with the people in front of me who were complaining after the set that the band hadn't played "Bela Lugosi's Dead"....oh yeah as if they're going to skip that one. Give me a break and wait for the encore. (Which was a grand visual spectacle, by the way: Peter Murphy just standing very quietly in the middle of the foggy stage while the loooong intro played, and then just as the first bass note sounded he swooped up his arms to reveal this large Dracula cape. Yes. Mmm-hmm. Works for me.)

It's Sunday now, and I have family obligations and thus will probably not get my nap. Friday night I went out with a friend and ended up at the same bar I was at Thursday night. It is a strangely friendly place, and I met someone named Joe from Idaho (or rather I should put some commas in there, or just rephrase entirely, because he was not really called "Joe From Idaho" in the medieval tradition of Charles the Bald or Charles the Simple) and ended up schooling him on good things to do in Chicago. Mimi Smartypants: A One-Woman Chamber of Commerce. I don't know why I sometimes get all pedagogical while drinking. Until it got too busy I also chatted with the bartender about nuclear power, bad names for dogs, and red-figure Greek pottery.

Saturday LT worked pretty much all day, shut up in his home office drinking multiple cans of orange soda (he considers it some sort of magical brain elixir for programming) and coding like a madman. I was kind of bored and lonely, so after a three-hour nap and finishing yet another Russian gulag book any plans I had for a stay-at-home evening were scuttled, and I headed out to experience the noise: Kevin Drumm in Ukranian Village. Not the most amazing piece I've ever heard, but pretty interesting nonetheless, and certainly loud. Crazy loud. I was a bit concerned for the structural integrity of my internal organs at one point.

---mimi "gelatinous kidney" smartypants


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