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2000-03-08 ... 10:48:09

Yee haw, crisis after crisis. One of my journals has next to no copy for the next issue. Hmmm. Maybe we could just publish a bunch of pretty pictures or something. Or how about, "The Best of Diaryland!"

Somehow I don't think that's going to cut the mustard (I love that phrase. What mustard?) in the world of medical publishing.

Today on the train I was thinking about how much I love the word "brunch." It's just a funny word. I like the concept too. Nothing like being licensed to have cocktails on a Sunday morning. Funny how only SOME brunch cocktails seem to be socially acceptable. I loathe tomato juice (it just has that vomity smell...ever notice how no matter what you throw up, it always has this faint tomato-y flavor? Sorry, gross. I'll shut up now) so Bloody Marys are out of the question. I'd really rather just have bourbon on ice with my omlette, but waitresses give you funny looks when you order that.

Speaking of waitresses, LT and I went out for Vietnamese last night and we had the most bossy waitress ever. She somehow decided that we were rolling our rice paper spring rolls incorrectly and proceeded to give us a spring roll tutorial. Major grandma type. I didn't mind, it was sort of funny. I like this particular neighborhood Vietnamese place because they always play like Top 40 Vietnamese music. The Vietnamese version of the Backstreet Boys, etc. Most of the world has dreadful, dreadful, pop music. Well, the US has dreadful, dreadful, pop music as well, but at least it's not the only genre available. Music is one of the cultural areas where the US wins, hands down.

U-S-A! U-S-A! Hee hee.

---the strangely jingoistic mimi smartypants


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