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2002-03-06 ... 4:39 a.m.


by mimi smartypants

*Did you know that the slogan for the Chicago Transit Authority is "Take It"? It's not a very good slogan, but at least its imperative mood is appropriate. It would be even more appropriate if "Take It" were bracketed by the following two phrases, in order:

1. "Bend Over And"

2. "Up the Ass."

Sorry. But I had to run errands yesterday and thus needed a different bus home, and that particular bus seems to be sort of a Loch Ness bus or a Sasquatch bus, in that there are many rumors and legends afoot, and everyone knows at least one person who claims to have seen this bus or even actually to have taken this bus somewhere, but there is precious little direct evidence that the bus exists. After waiting in the cold forever I instead traveled a meandering and convoluted route home, which sucked. TAKE IT, indeed.


*Most days I eat lunch at my desk, because I am an Office Slave and also because I'm a touch antisocial these days, and it is more pleasant to read and eat in my office than it is to do so in a restaurant or, god forbid, in our building's cafeteria with their horrible "light hits" radio station. I have an odd quirk (NO! Really? Mimi with an odd quirk? We are shocked!) wherein I can't stand to have anyone comment on my food. Even something like "that smells good" or "what are you eating?" will bug the hell out of me. I don't know why. And I have honestly forgotten why I brought this up. Never mind.

*Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for music geeks! Rob has written an excellent entry about Shostakovich. I love Shostakovich (I am especially partial to the string quartets and the First Violin Concerto). LT likes things more Baroque and orderly, so I have to indulge my passion for sweeping weeping dissonance by myself. But it cheers me up immensely to know that others feel the same way.

*Because I have so much damn champagne in the refrigerator, I've become slightly obsessed with this cocktail. Besides, it makes me (unjustly) feel all Left Bank and cool to use Pernod.

*What if there was a town that was all outskirts?

*WATCH OUT, HERE COMES THE CHICAGO INSULARITY (people in other places can skip this part): good things are a-happening this weekend. Some film (scroll down) on Friday. The Dishes, who play the rock and roll, on Saturday. And more music of the sort my husband hates (scroll down again), also on Saturday. (It's absolutely fine that he is not a fan of the squeaky electronic dissonance...I quite enjoy the occasional "separate sphere" evening, I don't mind attending events by myself, and god knows I make myself scarce on those evenings when he drinks beer with other Middle East history nerds or database programmers. Spanish notwithstanding, I don't subscribe to the notion that being married means being handcuffed together all the time.)

*Why don't you read this about biological clocks? I was especially interested in the story of Michael Siffre, who spent six months in a cave, and gradually shifted to 36 hours awake alternating with 12-15 hours of sleep. It sounds good (if you're me and have sleep-issues), until you learn that it made him nearly psychotic and he was depressed for about five years afterwards. Oh well.

---mimi smartypants is alert and oriented.


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