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2000-03-06 ... 12:12:23

Went to the taxman and we have to PAY, $800 dollars and change to the IRS. Blah! Although I'm not as pissed as I could be...the only reason we have to pay is because of capital gains and our stocks/mutual funds doing so well. So I shouldn't complain about giving the government its cut, in the long run I still win.

This is a new accountant this year...he was super cool. We started talking about graduate school and dissertations and whatnot, and it turns out the accountant guy holds a PhD in paleo-Siberian languages. How cool is that!

After the taxes went out for beers with LT and we had scary conversations about The Future, job hunting, buying property, the possibility of synthesizing and replicating our DNA (what normal people would call having children), etc. Scary in a good way. We don't normally discuss stuff like takes a couple of beers before either one of us will admit to having plans beyond the next weekend or overseas trip.

I'm listening to Mozart's Requiem today, a bit of a lugubrious choice for such a bright sunny day. But I felt sleepy and cranky and ominous this morning.

Sleepy, Cranky, and Ominous...weren't those some of the 7 Dwarfs? (and is it DWARFS or DWARVES? Webster's allows both. I hate that kind of ambiguity).

---mimi smartypants


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