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2001-02-28 ... 19:13:47

I seem to have brought only pink-covered CDs to listen to today. I have the first Garbage and Loveless by My Bloody Valentine, and they both have pink-toned art on the front. It makes for a very coordinated-looking desktop.

It reminds me of the Ernie and Bert sketch where they need to clean up their toys, and Ernie suggests that they sort the toys into categories, and he'll take a category and clean up that he says heíll put away all the red toys, and then all the toys with wheels, and so on, and the punchline is that he only puts away this one fire truck and Bert does the rest. Whawa whawa whawa whawa. (That's my rendition of the comedy tuba.)

Is it just me, or did anyone else thinks that Ernie was kind of an asshole? Bert is the butt of all Ernie's lame jokes. Ernie plays the drums when Bert wants to read. He talks all night when Bert is trying to sleep. He overflows the bathtub. Iím not really sure why Bert puts up with it, except that real estate in NYC (where they live) is dreadfully expensive, and roommates possibly hard to find (at least ones that would be willing to share a one-bedroom and sleep in a twin bed with a giant "E" on the headboard).

Although I am Drunky the Drunk Girl Who Drinks Too Much (sometimes), and went out for beers last night, I'm feeling quite happy and spunky today. My body is feeling it on some subconscious level, though, because I've had like an ocean of beverages and still rarely peed today.

What I Learned Today: If your penis gets cut off in an accident, some very talented surgeon might be able to replace it with one of your fingers (one successful operation thus far). That would be one tiny penis, but maybe it's better than having no penis at all. How the hell would I know. It would be cool if the finger still had the joints and all that, because then the tiny penis would bend in interesting ways.

Oh, I can't wait to check the referral logs on this entry.

---mimi smartypants


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