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2002-02-27 ... 5:09 a.m.

Still kind of sleepy and out of sorts. Saucer-eyed and dreamy-brained, trancing out on woodgrain. (My rap.) I feel like throwing myself on the mercy of the world. I went to a meeting yesterday, and I was early (note: I'm always early, for everything. It's a sickness, and it seems to be getting worse with age. Eventually I'll start arriving for things a day or so in advance and will have to be put up in a guest room). Someone else arrived early as well, and she and I were chatting about water intake, and she mentioned that she had a susceptibility to getting dehydrated and got dizzy if she didn't drink enough liquid. I said, "Me too! If I'm not constantly drinking I just don't feel right." You already guessed it; the majority of the other attendees arrived just as I made that "constantly drinking" comment. Fantastic for my career, I'm sure.

Things I have seen recently: little kids thumb-wrestling on the El. Not one, not two, but three mean-looking women in leopard-print coats. And a Kermit the Frog doll attached to a construction crane, just dangling in space. Poor Kermit.

Of all the common (ie, not archaic) words in the dictionary that start with sn-, there are only a few that don't have at least one negative connotation: snack, sneeze, snifter, snazzy, snood, snooker, snorkel, snout, snow, snug, and snuggle. The rest are all loaded and icky: snafu, snag, snap, snake (I got nothing against snakes, but the negativity comes through in things like "snake in the grass" and "snake oil"), snap, snare, snarky, snarl, sneak, sneer, snicker, snide, snipe, snivel, snob, snot. (This is not an exhaustive list; I got tired.) Why is that? Is it because you have to make a sort of sneering face to even pronounce sn- words?

A leftover thought from my New York trip: with travel comes a certain amount of Zen-like acceptance. Delays, lost luggage, bad weather, there's no point in getting angry. It takes some people a lifetime to learn this truism, but traveling in other countries can speed up the process. I remember stepping off the plane in Cairo to meet LT, disoriented and jet-lagged, into the smoky chaos of the Cairo airport. (It was not on fire or anything, it's just that Egyptians smoke their strange smelly cigarettes anyplace, anywhere, anytime.) Finally getting through the customs line only to not find LT anywhere. My luggage had not made the transfer from Germany. I (stupidly) had brought very little money to change into Egyptian pounds. My babyish Arabic got me either puzzled looks or laughter. I wandered around the airport for a while, luggage-less, penniless, language-less, friendless, and finally just sat down on a bench and thought: Well, something will happen eventually. And it did, and all was well. (Turned out there was some sort of mix-up with the taxi driver and settling that mess delayed LT's meeting of my plane.)

Not that anything bad happened when traveling this past weekend. I am mostly just posting that example to remind myself that when things seem stressful, it helps to think realistically about the worst that could happen (eg, I could have to live in the Cairo airport for the rest of my life). The absurdity of that scenario will usually restore me to calm.


*Earth to Elizabeth Wurtzel: Shut. The Fuck. Up. Sorry, but it had to be said. Good god.

*For some reason the words "hankering, gross, mystical, nude" are continually repeating themselves in my mind today. Perhaps I hanker grossly for a mystical nude. Or hanker mystically for a gross nude.

*When I was looking for certain information on the movie The Hudsucker Proxy I found this instead, about typeface usage in period movies. Hooray!

*And then, for some reason, I decided to use the Google translation feature to change this recipe into English. My favorite parts are the "mass of pork" and the "worn out oregano."

---mimi "freeze frame screen kiss" smartypants


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