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2002-02-14 ... 11:44 a.m.

I hope this makes you a tiny bit happier. It worked for me.

Still waking up too early, but if I keep having such upbeat dreams I don't mind at all. I may look like a MopeyGoth(tm) on the outside, but my innerspace is apparently very very cheerful. There was one dream where I was doing a set at a cabaret and sang a sexy slowed-down torch version of Drive My Car: beep beep mm beep beep rrrrowwrrr! And another where I explained what melisma meant to an appreciative audience, complete with recorded chant examples etc. This is a clear example of my brain just churning through the leftover bits, since I'm neither a Beatles fan nor a Gregorian chant expert. I guess it's vaguely interesting that these two particular dreams involved performance and speech, though. Yesterday while I ate lunch (popcorn, gardenburger, banana) I read this article about performative language, so maybe that could have influenced my sleep-world. IT'S ALL CONNECTED!


POPCORN: Did I ever tell you about me and popcorn? I used to think I didn't like popcorn. I still don't like movie popcorn, but all of a sudden now I'm into the microwave stuff. Orville Redenbacher and me! Kickin' it corn-style, yo!

EGGS: I have a friend from California who, when ordering eggs over easy at a diner, always uses the term "kiss the pan." Kiss the pan + eggs yields nothing of use on Google and thus I'm wondering if this is something she made up or a real fried-egg term. If you've heard this before, please let me know.

Here's some diner lingo, but everyone who's worked in a restaurant knows that this slang varies widely from place to place. Do you have any private food terms, similar to "kiss the pan"? LT and I refer to all cola beverages as "brown," all gardenburgers/chik patties as "disks," and various components of Lebanese mezze (huumous, baba ganoush, fuul) as "paste." This is because we are from the future.

NO THANK YOU. "Skim away scum," "hot drained tongue," "non-creamed salad." Yuck.

BANANAS: sometimes the New York Times goes a bit overboard with its verbiage. Especially when it comes to bananas. (Note: registration required.) Unintentionally funny.

Interesting quote from Martin Amis on why plays are less-than-desirable form of literature: "In submitting a play for production or publication the writer relinquishes his artifact in the equivalent of note form. All he has done is finished the dialogue; and, as any novelist knows, compared to the other exertions of fiction, the demands of dialogue are negligible."

And Nabokov on the theater: "The most popular plays of yesterday are on the level of the worst novels of yesterday. The best plays of today are on the level of magazine stories and fat bestsellers."

Chew on that, why donít you. (Aha! Food reference!)

---mimi smartypants: sweeter than candy, faster than a Grand Prix.


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