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2000-02-14 ... 13:34:53

Um, yeah---Valentine's Day. The less said about that the better. Although LT and I do have a plan to go out for wonderful greasy bad-for-you Mexican food, I refuse to give too much time and energy to this Hallmark holiday. I bought some red hots for LT though. He likes the worst candy. The more waxy and bizarre and anachronistic it is, the more he likes it. He's probably the only person in the universe who actually buys Necco Wafers.

Saturday night we went out with Kat and her husband to this restaurant called erwin (yes with the pretentious lowercasing and everything) and man was if fabulous. Rather fabulously expensive as well, and not too much for the vegetarians among us, but I made an exception and ate a wonderful shellfishy thing. Dessert was exceptional, and we had 2 great bottles of Chardonnay and, before dinner, probably one of the best-mixed cosmopolitans I've ever had. Lemming's afterwards, which was kind of superfluous, because we didn't need to drink any more, but what the hell. There's only one Saturday night a week, right?

Someone at work is mailing around this list of funny grammatically incorrect write-ups doctors have made in patients' charts. I normally hate this kind of funny Internet ha-ha joke, but there was one in this particular list I liked: "Genital examination revealed a circus-sized penis."

Send in the clowns!

I've been ignoring the phone while writing this but that probably is rather bad form and the message light is rapidly blinking and filling me with guilt. Later, everyone.

---m. smartypants


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