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2002-02-12 ... 8:32 a.m.

This simultaneously made me laugh and wince, because when I was growing up my mother was often "disappointed" in me. Tom Daschle says he knows we can do better.

As long as I'm being cynical about family life, our buddy Mr Larkin had some opinions on that very subject.

Here are the results of my informal, not-really-online, non-Javascripted poll about covering up the gray streak in my hair. Four people (two I know from Real Life and two I don't) wrote me to say Don't Do It; premature gray streaks in dark-haired girls were variously described as "sexy," "cool," and "sophisticated." No one suggested that I go the hair-dye route. My husband officially abstained, as is his wont; he generally refuses to express an opinion on proposed changes to my appearance, which I know some women find annoying but which I appreciate, as it allows me to either make up my own mind or consult more fashion-conscious girlfriends instead. (I am of the firm opinion that women dress for other women as much, if not more than, they dress for men.) So even with the small sample size of five, I've concluded the Cruella streak shall remain (I've even started parting my hair to accentuate it), until/unless I start being offered the senior-citizen discount at diners and such.

I hate going for haircuts and hair procedures anyway. Only people I trust are allowed to touch my head. Also, one of the worst mistakes I ever made drug-wise was thinking I could keep a haircut appointment after an acid trip; I was not quite as through with the acid trip as I had thought and that whole "sit very still while someone comes at you in the mirror with scissors" very nearly caused me to begin whimpering in panic.

Finally! Here is a link I've been trying to track down for a while, about color terms in different languages. I thought I read somewhere that the Berlin and Kay algorithim had been disproven or at least seriously challenged, but I can't find that either. (Technology needs to come up with a file system for my head.) I know that ancient Greek didn't have a word for "brown." Presumably things were brown, but they were not described this way. The color language of Homer is severely limited but wonderfully evocative: it's one of the first things students new to Homer notice (the "wine-dark sea"). The sea and blood are the same color, and the sky is often the color of metals ("bronze" or "iron" colored).

I don't know who this person is or why her several-years-old paper is online, but it gives a nice succinct little overview of Greek color terms.

WHAT THE HELL. "The world of meat faces a permanent need for new methods of meat quality evaluation." Also, "Images used in this work are color camera photographs of beef meat." Let's hope these abstracts merely suffer from poor translation. If not, my mind is a tiny bit blown. As an extra bonus, the second-to-last abstact has to do with neoteny, which I include as a special not-so-secret shout-out to him.

Here I go again with the random pages that comfort me in an obscure way. Clunky, wordy descriptions of the flags of the world, no images anywhere, brought to you by the CIA.

I am a bit mopey today, for no good reason, so I need comforting. I am also incapable of making paragraphs of any significant length.

They make a great gift for any guy. Are you sure about that "any"? It seems to me they make a great gift for a very specific sort of guy.

I don't normally search the web for cross-dressing underwear: I was actually trying to find out if "days of the week" underwear still existed. I remember having a set as a child, and taking enormous delight in wearing them on the "wrong" days. SUBVERSION THROUGH UNDERTHINGS! I'm sure it "disappointed" my mother very much.

---mimi smartypants is not working up to her potential.


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