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2002-02-04 ... 10:14 a.m.

I'm wearing a color today. That color is green. This really shouldn't affect your lives too much, I just include it in case you were looking for me in a crowd or something, and naturally based on my sketchy descriptions here you're looking for a girl wearing black. Well, we'd miss each other today because I'm wearing green. And black. But my upper half is green. Green like a frog! Green like a big old army tank! Long live green!

Can you even see green? If not, then it makes no freaking difference to you what I wear.

Okay, I've been proven wrong again, and yesterday’s game will teach me to make sweeping generalizations about how the SuperBowl (when did it become InterCapped? I swear to god that's a relatively recent phenomenon) is always the most boring game of the football season. Not this year. It apparently was not a boring game. I didn't watch it, though: I sporadically tuned it in on the radio and otherwise spent most of last night either online or reading my book or writing. LT went to a friend's house for the traditional SuperBowl thing, but I was just not into it. I did watch some TV, though (I feel like I have to defend myself against accusations of communism, for not watching any television on superbowl Sunday): an old Sopranos episode that TiVo had recorded for me. However, it was one of those episodes where all the characters are completely choking on their own unexpressed emotions, with amazing acting, and after I welled up one too many times during those unbelievably sad scenes I decided that sort of thing was best left to another day. Sunday evenings are already overflowing with longing and regret; I didn't need fictional sadness to compound that. Back to reading weblogs and eating popsicles.

So many vivid dreams lately. Last night it was that I found Osama bin Laden hiding in our laundry room. I threw a sheet over him (nice capture method, huh? Those Green Berets got nothing on me), somehow locked the laundry room door from the outside, and called the authorities. Patriot Mimi!


This is some sort of Scottish governmental page that informs farm inspectors of all the ways they can be hurt on a farm. At least I think that's what it is. Anyway, it's a very nice chart, and covers everything from slipping and falling to being attacked by a cow to "contact with gates covered with faeces." I knew there was a reason I lived in the city. I think I'm going to print this out and carry it around with me, to remind myself to be grateful that yes, although there is human urine on the subway stairs, at least there's no giant menacing cows around anywhere.

I love Olber's Paradox! Man oh man do I love Olber's Paradox! Besides, how cool is it to get a paradox named after you. It is very cool indeed. Where's my paradox? It would probably have something to do with beer.

I Seem To Be Dead Inside. Stolen from metascene, a weblogger for whom I would like to purchase a good knit hat. He deserves it.

I got rhythm, without even trying.

---mimi smartypants needs a Xanax smoothie.


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