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2000-01-31 ... 13:26:09

Now I have all tax documents in hand, and LT and I can enter the wonderful world of tax forms. Last year we went to H & R Block or some sort of walk-in place like that; this year we might have to bite the bullet and get a real accountant or buy MacInTax or something. Sold some investments and it gets weird with capital gains and whatnot.

Gosh, I almost sounded like a real adult there. Taxes! Capital gains! Investments!

At least we don't own property yet. I've heard from my house/condo owning friends that that really complicates things.

I have a strange urge to go see a movie after work today but everything sounds kind of insipid. (See my much earlier rant about Hollywood movies.) I'm leaning toward "Talented Mr. Ripley" although since I liked the book, I'm a little scared about what they will do with the movie.

I did not watch one whit of the Super Bowl. I am un-American.

---mimi "commie" smartypants


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