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2000-01-27 ... 11:26:51

OK, so here's the best argument for having cable television I can possibly think of. (Again, the sentence ends with the preposition. Aren't you proud of me?) Last night, on some "ER" style show on the Animal Planet channel, I watched a turtle get an enema. No kidding. This lady took her turtle to the vet since it hadn't pooped in 2 weeks. They got out a tiny little hose, flipped the turtle over, and you can guess the rest. The poor thing was waving its little arms and legs around and had the most astonished expression on its turtle face (or maybe I'm just projecting). Probably qualified as that particular turtle's Worst Day Ever. Anyhoo, it was mighty amusing. Plus I got to yell to LT (who was studying in the other room), "Come quick! A turtle's getting an enema!"

Other random bits: I'm going to the dermatologist on Thursday about these weird scaly dry bits on the backs of my knees. I had been sort of thinking, "Yeah, yeah, this is weird, I should make an appointment" but then I was flipping through our dermatology journal and there was a photo of something that looked a bit similar and the diagnosis was cutaneous lymphoma. So of course, being the psycho hypochondriac that I am, I immediately decided that I have cutaneous lymphoma. Which is perfectly ridiculous because (a) all scaly bits probably look alike to me, the layperson, (b) why would you have lymphoma bilaterally, ie, on the backs of BOTH knees, and (c) well, just because it is. I'm sure I'm the kind of patient doctors just despise since I always go in "knowing" exactly what I have. So I've been going around telling everyone of my lymphoma, and if it in some weird way turns out to be true, I'll regale diaryland with hilarious tales of chemo!

Oh, it is to laugh. I'm tired of typing now, but stay tuned for tomorrow's entry about a mysterious feminine hygiene product. Are you intrigued? You would be, you pervert.

---mimi smartypants


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