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2002-01-18 ... 11:29 a.m.

Benjamin Franklin's alternative alphabet. Odd that just yesterday, I mentioned Ben Franklin to him. Even odder that yesterday turned out to be Ben Franklin's birthday. I'm not normally a huge Ben-Franklin-mentioner, so this coincidence is especially appealing, and were I less of a materialist I might conclude that Ben Franklin's spirit is trying to tell me something.

More about alphabets and abjads. File under V for Very Cool.

Pangrammatist: One who occupies himself or herself with framing sentences containing every letter of the alphabet. An example: "John P. Brady, give me a black-walnut box of quite a small size." It's harder than it sounds to make intelligible sentences this way. I was hoping to find more information on pangrammatical pursuits, and I was very surprised when my simple Google search turned up "We Offer Free Hardcore Shemale Porn Pics" and the ever-popular "See Women's Butts NOW!" (See, women's butts now. See! Women's butts now. See women's butts. Now?). Curious.

I'll stay smutty for a moment more. There is a beetle called the cockchafer. "These pants are chafing me!" or "Would you like cock-chafing or non-cock-chafing?" There are a lot of comedy directions in which one could go with this factoid. Have at.

I'm disappointed that when talking about Schopenhauer's kick-ass concept, the "world-knot," more books and web pages don't use the German word, which is "weltknoten." It's fun to say. Here's some links in case you are a freak like me (Freak Like Me! New from Empathy Press!), and think entirely too much about what it means to be conscious.

Last night I went out for Italian food with my sister-in-law, to a lovely little restaurant on Armitage, and because I am clumsy I dropped a mushroom piece on my skirt, and then later I splashed a tiny bit of wine on myself (these were not alcohol-related accidents, I swear, I just talk with my hands too much), and in the process of a self-deprecating description of my follies and pointing out the stains I said, "I'm a full meal from the waist down," (meaning entree plus beverage) which later on became quite the hilarious, repetitive, inside-joke catchphrase. I'm defusing its inside-joke-ness by explaining it here, because I'm meta that way.

This is shorter than normal, but I have things to do, and you are no doubt in the same boat. (Oh, so we're in a boat now?) Happy Friday.

---mimi "weltknoten" smartypants


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