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2000-01-17 ... 11:48:24

Of course, now that delicious andrew decided to "feature" my diary, I have had no time to update, and I feel all guilty and squishy inside. Unworthy of being featured. Feh.

After work today I'm going to go get my eyes checked. Is it just me or do you get really nervous when they do that "which is better? This? or this? A? or B?" thing with the lenses? I get freaked out, like it's a test..."Am I actually picking out my glasses here? Because I wasn't paying attention!"

Saturday LT and I went to the zoo, which we do a lot, because it's free and where else can you see animals from distant lands for free? (Excepting Animal Planet, which is not really free because you pay for cable.) But I digress. We saw a goat standing on top of a cow (the cow was laying down), which was weird. And we saw a monkey playing with his penis. He just sat there and kept pulling it out and examining it, sort of strumming it like a guitar. Ever so charming, the monkey penis. (Doesn't that look like it should be 1 word? Monkeypenis?)

Lounge Ax is now officially closed forever. Sad. I liked the dollar beer and how they used to let me in with my fake ID when I was just a wee young'un. (It wasn't actually a fake ID, but an older friend's California driver's license. So when I used it I had to pretend my name was Heather and I was a Gemini. The horror!)

If the above rambling bunch of nonsense isn't enough to get me "unfeatured" on diaryland, I don't know what is.

---mimi smartypants


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