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2001-01-10 ... 16:57:38

I tried to make gnocchi the other day. I really want to make successful gnocchi, and this was my first attempt. Unsuccessful. I've been collecting gnocchi recipes for a while, and I figured I'd try them in order, least effort to most effort, my reasoning being that an unsuccessful attempt hurts less if you didn't spend very long on it.

I was already suspicious of the recipe since it didn't have any potatoes. Just ricotta, flour, garlic, parmesan, and herbs. Then I knew I was in trouble when, no matter how much flour I added, the dough refused to coalesce into any useful shape. (The directions were quite were supposed to add flour until the dough was "soft but firm." Soft but firm???) I could visualize my droopy gnocchi disintegrating instantly upon hitting the boiling water. And that's exactly what happened. We poured the goop down the disposal and had salad. On to the next gnocchi recipe, I suppose.

Ugh. I've got one more meeting to get through and then I can justifiably leave. I still feel awful. I went out at lunch and bought some sleepifying decongestant stuff, and I plan to swallow some of it, wrap up warm, and go to bed early tonight. Mimi Smartypants, party animal. Except not.




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