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2000-01-10 ... 12:06:47

ho de ho de ho. Got rid of our houseguest, so we can now have sex, loudly. Unfortunately we got all kinds of phone calls last night and I ended up falling asleep while LT talked to various people. And I cannot be woken up out of a deep sleep for sex. I mean, there will be rubbing and things, and my mind is going, "Meow, that's a good idea, let's get some," but my body will just not wake up. Oh well.

I keep sneezing today. What's up with that? Oh this has just been the best Monday ever, in lots of little ways. I got all dressed for work today, and then when I was putting on makeup (for I am a girly girl you know (snort)) I mysteriously and thoughtlessly wiped my fingers on the lapel of my black jacket. What the fuck? How did I get so retarded? Oh yes, let's on fingers? Makeup on jacket! Of course! Excellent! So I had to change. And then when I stepped outside I discovered it was raining, so I had to go back for my umbrella. Which of course broke on the way here. And then I find out my yoga class is cancelled. And so on.

Yes I know I am a big whiner.

Does anyone watch wrestling? The WWF and all that? I am intrigued by it, but only by the non-wrestling, soap opera type parts, the yelling and the threats and the like. Whenever I flip past it on the TV I must stop if there is a wrestling girlfriend silicone woman on the screen, for they are a truly astounding spectacle. And why does this "Mankind" person wear like a muzzle and a tie?

Explain this to me, the wrestling-impaired.

---mimi smartypants


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