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2000-01-07 ... 09:58:34

We have a houseguest right now, some guy LT knows in an academic-colleague sort of way who flew in for a history conference and needed a place to crash. As houseguests go, he hasn't been too intrusive. Although I mildly resent not being allowed to eat breakfast naked. (Well, I guess I'm ALLOWED, technically, but it really would be rather uncouth of me.) Speaking of food, I've been a bottomless pit lately. I've already had a bagel, some dried apricots, and a box of animal crackers, and all I can think about is whee to go for lunch. Perhaps I have a TAPEWORM!

Kat once faxed me this totally hilarious ad... I have no idea where she got it...that said, "Parasites are HERE in North America!!!" and told you about how supposedly everyone has tapeworms, all the different health problems that are caused by tapeworms, and of course about how for only $19.95 you can buy this product to get rid of your tapeworms. These people were serious. Although I think the copywriters had a rather weak grasp of medicine and anatomy, since they claimed that PMS was caused by tapeworms. Um, yeah.

And I'm STILL hungry, even after all this disgusting talk of tapeworms.

Any intestinal parasite stories you wish to share, readers?

---mimi smartypants


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