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2001-01-04 ... 13:57:40

A certain Crabby Person just called me up and left a long snarky message (thankfully I was away) about all the things that we here in publishing had done wrong and basically just implied how freaking stupid we were, when really it's a simple case of my not being able to read minds, and if you want something done on your manuscript you simply must e-mail, or fax, or telephone, or skywrite, or otherwise convey your concerns to me. Stupid jerk.

I tried a new brand of tea (Joy, from Tazo Teas) that was just not good, although the label said all the right things (a blend of black, green and oolong teas). I think they got the blend wrong, because it was just all funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) and burnt-tasting. Regardless, I drank way too much of it and ate a bunch of chocolate as my mid-morning snack, and I'm listening to the Pixies which always makes me slightly crazed (in a good way), and about a billion things have happened (up to and including the Crabby Person) since I arrived at work today. So I'm a little tense. And manic. I think I can feel my ponytail twitching. In fact, I went upstairs to Kevin's office looking for a certain proof, and while he searched for it I just couldn't stand still any longer so I did a little hopping dance. I think I frightened him.

Outside, on State Street, these two guys were trying to change a tire as I passed. But they didn't have a jack, so they were trying to improvise with a board and some random pieces of metal, and it didn't look like it was going to well. That's when I wished I was a superhero, so I could just say "Oh, let me help" and pick up their car and hold it in the air while they changed the tire.

Isn't it sad to get excited about 35-degree temperatures? But I am. That seems very warm to Chicago right now.

If you were a typeface, would you be sans serif? I think you would.

flipping out,

---m. smartypants


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