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2000-01-04 ... 11:44:10

Happy new year, everyone! And I do mean everyone. I'm a little disappointed, it's the future (21st century!) and all and I still don't have a jet pack or food that comes in little pills. On the bright side, neither did the computers try to kill us nor the flesh-eating zombies come to eat our brains.

So anyway, I had the usual new year's party, with the usual suspects, and I wore my feather boa and drank too much champagne and forgot to put out the shrimp cocktail (the other nibbles were yummy, however) and danced to Rick James' "Superfreak" (she's a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother) and generally acted like a big weirdo. We had a fun bunch of guests and only one of them acted like a drunken fool, a friend of a friend who at one point turned to me and, apropos of nothing, said, "You know, I never vomit in someone else's house." Did I ask??? However, I suppose that's good news.

So the world did not end, and I'm back at work, and wearing my new snuggly cashmere sweater LT got me for my birthday (thank you, yes I'm all older now). I'm debating about whether to sneak out to Walgreen's (I need toothpaste and vitamins) but I have a feeling the massive pile o' work I'm waiting for will arrive any minute now. ANY MINUTE NOW! Ahem.

I fear I am not very interesting. Try again later, perhaps.

---mimi smartypants


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