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2001-01-03 ... 17:03:47

Ho boy. It's been a while.

I just did not feel like updating during my nice, long, vacation. I didn't wear a bra very often, or pants with a proper, non-elastic waistband. I didn't go a single day without having an afternoon nap with The Cat curled up by my side. And I didn't get near the computer, except for checking my e-mail to see if the Have Lunch With Squibnocket plan was shaping up.

We did manage to get together, miraculously. The restaurant was kind of dark and greasy (some sort of Loyola student hangout), but not so dark and greasy that I couldn't ascertain that Squib is cute, smart, witty, and full o' energy. She seems overwhelmingly competent. There are those blunt and fuzzy gray days (today being one of them) that I wouldn't mind letting her run my life for a while. I feel certain she'd do a good job.

I also had my New Year's party, and no one died, or lost an eye, or set themselves on fire. The police didn't come. We danced. We ate little cocktaily things. We drank a fifth of gin at least and 15 bottles of champagne. (Hey, there were a lot of people there, okay?) And LT and I were very very brilliant and did a lot of cleaning up at 5:30 am, while we were still drunk. If you think that's crazy, ask yourselves this: would you rather handle a cup holding an inch of stale flat champagne and 2 floating cigarette butts while drunk or hungover? See, I thought so.

One of my holiday gifts was this page-a-day calendar called "Forgotten English," which has a queer medieval word for each day. Today's was especially good: curtain-lecture. Meaning "A lecture or homily delivered by a wife to her husband when in bed, upon the shortcomings and errors of his daily life." From T. Ellwood Zell's (what a name!) Popular Encyclopedia, 1871. This really cracks me up. Can you imagine lying in bed while your spouse lists your faults? Sweet dreams!

---medieval mimi smartypants


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